Why do we need to fast?


Why do we need to fast?


I received often this question.

And I receive many other related questions.

Fasting is a kind of starving?

Human being looks for happiness, not struggle, so why do we torture our body with fasting?


I have a short request for you. Look around.

Take a deep breath, to help your always-talking mind to shut off for seconds and look around.

If you are in a city, on the street or in some transportation vehicle (train, bus, underground) lift your head from the electronic device and look around.

Look at the faces of people around.

Look at the shape of their body, feel their energy.

Look if they have rings around their eyes, if they have hair, eyeglasses, if they stare empty, or walk with their head down.

Look for a smiling face, some shiny eyes, a friendly gaze that could send the message: “Hello, I see you, I am happy to interact and exchange the energy of attention”. Easy to find? Difficult?


Something is wrong with the whole life human beings are living.

Life has rules made by others, has traditions from ancestors, there are authorities guiding us for every step (health, food, economy etc) but nobody likes the results: disease, premature aging, sufference.


In 30-40 years people are changing from bright, smiling, enthusiastic children in exhausted, sad and cynical adults.


I observed many times how people are dealing with their cars.

Men especially are very careful with their cars.

They wash, carress and care for their cars more than for their bodies or their partner.

Cars of many men look as  new, even after 15-20 years of continue usage and big milage.

Many third age men have their body in better shape than women of the same age.

Of course, the men surviving until the third age.


Human body is a vehicle through which our Soul and Energy expreses itself on Earth.

It has the same parts as the car one is driving.


Has acceleration (when we hurry and run from here to there, or when on highway and weather conditions are all good) and brake (rest, sleep, relax) when the body needs to self-cleane, self-repaire and regenerate.

Has an internal combustion engine (in every cell – mythocondria), and also a big central engine (the heart) with a cooling system (kidneys) for over-heating protection.

Body has a lot of internal filters (oil filter – liver, water filter – kidneys, air filter – lungs), a feeding system with nutrients (digestion and respiration) and an elimination system for waiste products (kidneys, bowels, skin).


But the biggest part of the body is made of pipes. Billions of pipes, all shape and dimension, from blood vessels, to lymphatics, respiratory tract, gland pipes and many more. Hundreds of miles of pipes connecting all cells, tissues and organs.


What is happening with the pipes of your car after driving for a long time, even very carefully?

Pipes will be blocked with waiste products.

Even the best gas has many residues, and in time, they will deposit on the pipe walls and narrow, then block them.


How do we proceed with our car?

We do periodical revision and the pipes are cleaned or replaced, in time.


We fail to do the same periodical revision for our body.

Our body will self-clean itself every spring and autum, when the electromagnetics of Earth and bodies is changing.

And all people who have not voluntarily cleaned their body inside will have flu, colds, diarrhoea and many other so-called diseases, in fact only Natural elimination of waist products out of the pipe systems of the body.


If one does regularly fastings, stops eating for variable periods of time (24 hours every time and then, or once a week, regularly) few days, every month or 10-14 days at season’s change or after a difficult period, the body will take advantage of this fasting break.

It will use the energy from digestion on elimination of waiste products.


This is why in the first fasting days, the tongue has big deposit, there is an unpleasant odour of the mouth, of the body (perspiration), and the general energy is not the best.

One get into fasting only in circumstances that will allow rest, repose and sleep, so the body could better do its natural cleaning process.


Fasting is not starving.

Mentally we are prepared to help our body and there is no fear of its survival. The vibration of fear is replaced with the courage and determination for healing.

The mental frame during fasting is a very positive one.


Fasting is not torturing the body.

Is a break of eating habits that intent to heal the body.

Mind understands the process from the beginning, understands its direction, and practice slowly and gently the art of fasting.


Starving, struggle, torture are just thoughts.

Many human actions are labelled in a certain way and trigger emotions related to the labels.

Actually, what we always do with our body is just an experience to find its possibilities, its abilities (we really do not know what is the body capable of!) and a reconnection with the Divine part of ourselves (our body is Divine creation, is our instrument to connect with God).


God talks to us throught its Creation = our body .

Listening and assessing our body we can understand how to deal with the Divine Creation it is.

Fasting give us the opportunity to stop our habits of eating and listen better the internal voice of our body.


People decided they need to eat 3 times a day.

Present civilisation with the aboundance of resources decided one can eat all day long, munching all time and using the mouth all day long.

We learn to use food for emotional confort.

And we abuse food, the same way we abuse the other resources we have (time, energy, relationships, money).


Fasting is a temporary break of the abuse and an awakening from greed.

Fasting is like a deep breath, for several seconds we stop the flux of the world, which keeps us in a continue soap opera.


We can see beyond all things a little bit of Divine light .

We receive new inspiration.

Creativity is the energy of life.

Fasting re-ignites Creativity.


For me, this is the best possible motivation and the best answer:

Why do we need to fast?


Because we receive timp and energy to become creative and imaginative, to find unexpected sollutions to life challenges.

And because we feel in the flow of life.


I fast for cleaning my physical body, but also to release the stagnant energy and regain some creativity, clarity and more determined in all my decisions.


I wish you all to find your own motivations for fasting.

And to try the process, when you feel ready and in any type you feel is best for yourself.

Have a lot of positive energy and the most harmonious vibration,


Zyanna Orinda

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