Romanian in English-lands

I speak English like a Romanian

From my heart, with emotions and somehow like a melancholic song. Because this is the rythm of my voice and the pace of my energy.

I speak English while admiring the Nature, the trees, the animals and birds, some hummingbirds stopping just in front of me to drink from trompet flowers. So the words are musical, they cannot be long and stretched, like with the British accent or round and turned on, like an engine, with the American English.

Living in another country and immersing in another culture changes all the perception fixed points.

All that was ”normal” and accepted in one culture becomes ”abnormal” in another culture.

And open the eyes toward the relativity of human conventions.

We do not live in a real world.

We live in a world of conventions and agreements.

When all the people agree to react in a certain way, to a certain situation, this become the culture of that group of people.

If one thinks about himself / herself being open-minded, I invite him/her to live for a while in another culture, in another country, with another language and culture. There is nothing more humbly than recognition of the truth of human nature: just of collection of habits.

Habits to worry about everything

Habits to connect all time with people

Habits to eat all the time

Habits to be active and never rest (or only when exhausted)

Language habits, behavioral habits, body habits, social habits – we live through our habits.

We are not free, spontanous, present and fluid (so we can go with the flow)

Because of all habits we are heavy and fixed and stagnant.

So our bodies matches our internal energy.

I am a Romanian soul, in a very frail body, living in an English speaking world and observing the differences and the similarities between the two.

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  1. Emmani


    Dear Romanian soul in an English speaking country,

    Welcome from another Romanian soul living in an English speaking country!

    I wish you an amazing journey among the complex, foreign and rich energies of this country!

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