A new way of looking at “fasting”

Not to clean the digestive or lymphatic system

Not to heal pain or sufferance

Not from spiritual or moral reasons



Because I LOVE MYSELF and I RESPECT AND HONOUR the body, as my human expression on Earth, I CHOOSE to fast for telling my body: you take over from here. Activate the auto-repair. Activate self-regeneration. Activate longevity. Activate re-connection with Oness.



Recently someone told me that one needs a village to write a best-selling book.

I am looking for my “village” to support me write mine.


The offer for everyone is a FREE program – challenge for 40 days (or ANY amount of fasting days your body could handle)


What is “FASTING WITH LOVE” program?


A 40 days free program where all courageous souls are invited to take a ride side-by-side a medical doctor, specialist in diet, detox, fasting, with 15 years of experience in fasting and 30 years of medical experience as MD, herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutrition.


Who am I?

Zyanna Orinda, MD, medical homeopat, herbalist, specialist in diet and detox (Dr. Morse International Detox School), CEASE practitioner (autism children), writer and educator originally from Romania, currently traveling, living and working in UK ( Somerset) and USA (San Marcos, Texas).


I intend to write a book about fasting, my past experience and a new brand original experience, done in real time, documented and commented while going, together with others – from English speaking countries and from my native country, also.


What will be the program about?



I am starting my fasting 40 days today, on the 10.10.2019 and I will share my experience with everyone on my Facebook and here.

I will start with the Master Fast System – https://masterfastsystem.com

I have experience with the system, I did many periods of MFS – longest of 75 days and 54 days, and many shorter ones (2-3 weeks).

From other people I found out that even 3-5-7 days of MFS are very beneficial for the body.

And it should not be a pure MFS with juice, tea and tinctures, but there are other options, as well.

I present you the 3 levels one can fast, for a variable number of days (each one is unique, everyone has his/her experience)

Level 1 – vegan fasting – juice+fruits+vegetables

Level 2 – frutarian fasting – juice+fruits

Level 3 – juice fasting – grape juice fasting


Level 1 – fasting 4 hours a day from electronic devices (all kind), from communications that take energy (people, institutions etc) and refraining from activities that we do day after day

Level 2 –  fasting 6 hours a day – from e-devices / communications / other dependency-creating activities (shopping, gossiping etc)

Level 3 – fasting 8 hours a day  – no e-device, no dependency


When will start the program?

For me will start today (best time to start is NOW), 10.10.2019 and it will finishes on 18.11

For everyone can start when one is ready and can last as long as the body is prepared to keep it.

ANY AMOUNT is better than no amount of fasting days.


How will be my daily program?

  • dry fast 12-16 hours a day (from 6 pm – to 8-10 ore 12 next day) – no food, no drink, NOTHING
  • Concord grape juice – 2-5 glasses a day (sip by sip) with lemon juice
  • alkalinizing tea (heal all tea – dr. Morse, or chamomille/St. John’s wort/plantain tea, or any plant tea)
  • psyllium pudding (daily)
  • exercise (2 hours a day) – swimming, yoga, stretching, walking, gardening etc
  • 3-4 hours electronics working (NOT more)
  • meditation and relaxing
  • journal writing


What is new about this program?

How it is different from other programms?


  • It is initiated, followed and supervised by a medical doctor with personal and professional experience in fasting – an experience traveller and used with a multi-cultural approach; there will be medical explanations, comments and discussions with the participants during the whole time of the experience.
  • Is has a small perceptual hook – we stop eating out of love – because less is more. Less food and more love. We learn about how to love our body more, exactly when we eat less. Tricky, but possible. And UNIQUE to this program
  • And we all become co-authors to a good book, written by Zyanna Orinda, but co-authored by all who will take part into our program. Your name will be in – each one of you



If you are interested in joining me and knowing more about the program, write me at



I will be happy to give you all the information and guide you with the program.

All is FREE and is all about EXPERIENCE


I need my personal experience and I am glad to have the experience from each one of you!



We don’t have to start all in the same time. We are all different and have different needs and possiblities. But we can all benefit from a common experience rooted in LOVE.

LOVE is the main support that keeps us alive.

LOVE YOUR BODY and help it renew and rejuvenate.

FAST WITH LOVE any amount of time you could take for yourself


Find out more at zyorinda@outlook.com and follow me on the Facebook page!



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