One of the most difficult issues with us is that we do not have patience with ourselves and we are not kind and gentle to our body. We have been used to force ourselves and push our bodies beyond our limits.

Fasting with love – is all about gentleness.

Slow down the rythm of the life. Do less activities and more relaxing and contemplation.

Take more care of the body.

Do the coconut oil pulling every day 2-3 times a day (to clean the mouth of all acidic residues from the grape juice and protect teeth and gums).

Do the dry brushing twice a day, before morning and evening shower. Skin needs a strong brush to remove the dry layer of dead tissue.

Do the gentle foot massage, every evening before bedtime (or take a water and salt foot bath, with water as hot as feet can stand it- very relaxing after a day of staying active)

Have a back massage or a general massage at least once a week and keep the lymph in motion.

Do daily exercise, yoga, stretching, qi-gong or walking in Nature. Move the lymph.

Drink the grape juice in sips, between 12.00-13.00 til 19.00 and then stop. Take the break until next day. Dry fasting is a part of the FASTING WITH LOVE system.

Listen to the body.

If it wants to stop or take a break from any of the fasting measures, listen to its voice.

Perhaps 3 days is enough. Perhaps 7 days is more than enough.

Or perhaps the mild fasting version is better for its possibilities.

Have as intent the FASTING WITH LOVE idea, but always listen the body, where it wants to go.

I am very happy to be here, with you, on the path of cleaning our body in a gentle, loving and kind way.

Good luck everybody,


Zyanna Orinda

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