During the MFS (Master Fast System) the tinctures are the main support of the elimination organs.

Kidneys, liver, bowels, skin – all are overworked during the MFS.

Tintures are prefered to capsules, granuels or other way of giving natural supplements, because they could be added easily to the morning and evening juice and get easily in the body, directly to the cells. They represent, somehow, the only nutrition of the body, during the fasting. The rest of the fluids (grape juice, lemon juice, teas) are just for the cleaning purpose, not for the nutrition purpose.

Yes, we DO live 40 days without ”nutrition” and we are doing quite well.

Best tinctures to support kidneys are Gemmo extracts (they are made from young tissues of plants, from buds mainly). You can find them here https://laurenhubele.com

Juniper, Ash and Blueberry D1 gemmo extracts are the best for supporting kidneys, adrenals and for lymphatic drainage.

Adrenals are also supported with Oak D1, Black courant D1 and Black Alder buds D1

They can be taken separately, but also associated together, if one needs more energy and stamina during the daily activities.

Bowels could be supported with Crab apple D1 and Walnut D1 gemmos. This last one has also anti-Candida and anti-viral action, also anti-parasitary and cleaning of the mucous from the bowels.

Gemmo remedies are so awsome, easy to use, efficient in low doses (one uses 20-25 drops of each, in some juice / water) and easily accepted by the cells of the body.

They are different from the other tinctures, that have to much alchool, because they are made with a mixture of glycerine and alcohol, so they are easily accepted by our body.

Of course there are many other tinctures availabe and useful to add – such as dr. Morse’s tinctures, Gino di Serio (MFS founder) tinctures, many other possible remedies such as Bach Flower Remedies (or other Flower remedies), or other natural plant produces.

Together with herbal infusions, all the tinctures are such a big support during the MFS.

I consider plants the Love declaration of Mother Earth for all Humans.

And I like to look at all tinctures, extracts and essences as the Earth’s love wishes for everyday use.

In every plant there is the sun energy, the photons and the plasma that our cells crave daily.

So our body feels nourished and taken care, during the cleansing phase of fasting.

And enjoys the process, when is performed with love.

Fasting with love is different from “starving”. Our body feels THE INTENTION of LOVE behind all the process and accept it differently.

There is no sign of hunger – and no sign of frustration – there are no negative thoughts.

Just a continuu harmony song inside our body.


Day 3 and keep going!

With all love,

Zyanna Orinda

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