Individual homeopathic session (outdoors or indoors)

I offer one to one individual sessions – as a homeopath, and also as a specialist in diet, detoxification (dr. Robert Morse school and own experience and research for 25 years), specialist in Bach flower therapy, gemmotherapy, herbal medicine, medical psychology, public health and health education

Our meeting in a natural environment is the best way to re-connect to Nature, Mother Earth and our bodies

Come, walk with me in Nature, on the Jurrasic coast or on a foopath or trail in some areas of putstanding beauty In Somerset or nearby. Let’s visit together an animal sanctury, a beautiful garden or another epic place in South England. And let’s have a talk about your life challenges, in a normal and natural perspective, and what are the best strategies we could find to address them.


UNIQUE POSSIBILITY of getting good natural advice.
And be in the same time immersed in All that is – the beauty of Life.

  • Give it a try!

Contact me via e-mail – zyorinda@outlook.com
And send me a request about where in outdoors would you like us to meet
Or let me choose a good place for both of us to walk, to stay and enjoy the view and to talk about your problems.

If the weather is not good, we could meet in my living room (nice and cozy) and we can talk as good old friends.

I am just a mail away from a special meeting.
Mail me! – zyorinda@outlook.com

Special session (family, pet, emergency, JJJ sessions)

If you have a personal or professional problem and want to discuss it with someone – I am here for you.

Any issue that is too difficult to be handled alone – from change of job, change of place, change of work, exam or interview fears, travelling issues (fear of heights or planes) to divorce, separation or quarrels with beloved ones.

I can give advice about how to support your body before and after surgery or dental work, how to detox afterwards the many chemicals used.
It there was an injury, and incident, a shock or a trauma, if you get through some unpleasant crisis or difficult moment in life – you can rich me for professional advice.
I can teach you how to take natural remedies and do simple techniques to empower yourself in that moments.

If you have pets and would like an advice about natural treatment for behavioural or physical issues, I could also be of support.

If you need to loose weight or to put on some weight and have difficulties with diet, we can talk in detail.

I also offer individual mentoring sessions (half a day with me), and we can talk about you, your physical problems, personal history, family history, we can connect your name, your data birth and all other symbols you carry with your life path and challenges you are having right now. We will talk about diet, detoxification, exercise, breathing, sleep and rest and many more aspects of the general well being.
And we would do all of this walking in Nature, if weather allows. Or being inside, cooking, playing and having fun, if weather is not friendly.

  • Give it a try!

I do sessions via Skype, Zoom and mail.
And session in person, for the mentoring clients.

Mail me at zyorinda@outlook.com with your request.
Tell me how can I better support your needs.
And we’ll find together the best solution

Come and Job Jog Joy together – we’ll playfully work and play in a skilful way so we both found joy and enjoyment in the process!

Let’s JobJogJoy together!


Individual coaching

For whom is suitable?

Any person who needs to change diet, to fast or to detox and requieres guidance during the process.

Any person having a medical / emotional problem willing to work for a better inner balance,  more clarity about diet and the reaction of the body

How will be done?

One hour meeting, every week, on Zoom or Skype

Continue link via e-mail

Support written materials, links and personalised guidance

Who will benefit?

Anyone struggling with health difficulties and emotional imbalances. All medical treatments will be continued, there will be a respect for personal choice and preferrences.

Minimal duration of coaching:: one month

Optimal duration of coaghing: 3 months


Getting more information & ask for coaching service: zyorinda@outlook.com


Zyanna Orinda (or dr. Sorina Soescu) is a qualified medical doctor. All medical advices are given using her expertise, experience and qualifications.
She is doing the best she can to offer high quality guidance to every one.
But the consultance she offers will not replace other medical services and indications, given by other practicians.
And should not be followed if there are other problems occuring.
No person is adviced to cancel other treatments in order to follow her advice, without talking to other practitioners or taking full responsability for doing so.
Electronic consultance has it limitations and dr. Soescu will not be made responsable for any occurances that will result after following her advices and guidance.
Every human being is a powerful being and has complete responsability over its body, soul and mind.
Guidance is allways received with open heart and open mind and all neccesary steps are being made in total awarness.
Working with Zyanna Orinda, I accept her conditions and I do my best to proceed as guided for the better of myself and others.

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