Colours and smiles

Have you noticed how bright colour flowers bring smile on everyone face?
I have seen it while living in the small village of Haselbury Plucknett, in Somerset, south of England. The small village was the object of the “best decorated house facade” contest.
Every resident of every house wanted to contribute and displayed beautiful flower arrangements in front of the house, especially those on the main street.
I could definitely notice the cat lovers, among the contestants.

Or the dreamers and the poets
I could see how people found new fresh ideas about using unusual decoration and adding the bright colours of the flours, strange objects become interesting displays.
And I admired the idea of the Women Institute group of building some scarecrows right in the center of the village.

This really brought smiles on everybody faces!
Colours and flowers, decorations and arrangements are all expression of human creativity.
We are real Creators of our everyday life.
Flowers makes us smile, no matter what other thoughts we run through our minds.
Purple, pink, blue or red, we are reminded of the vibration of life.
We are connected with the fire inside us and especially with our own beauty.

We have a lot of beautiful flowers inside ourselves – but we don’t show them to others.
We are afraid of their response and we don’t trust the other will appreciate the delicacy of it.
Looking at flowers around us, watching beautiful arrangements and gardens we remember instantly the same exists inside.
And we become joyful and happy.
For an instant, we are reunited with the flowering part inside.

It is so good to feel complete inside.
And have outside a pairing display.
I love walking in flowery and colourful Hasebury Plucknett
It reminds me that life, with all its colour, is always taking over the gray colour of the walls we are building inside, to protect from outside world.
I feel more optimist when the flowers are giving me their welcome smile!
My face is doing her daily exercise – a large smile.

A reminder about beauty and joy.

Hugs for you all,
Happy Harpy Hariett
from Haselbury Plucknett

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