About Me

My story

I call myself Zyanna Orinda.

In my old life, I had another name and another identity.
I was dr. Sorina Soescu, the daughter of two great parents and a member in a big family, who become a hardworking and dedicated medical doctor, a faithful and loving wife and a proud mother of a wonderful daughter.
I had friends, parteners, co-workers, many patients and I did many of the deeds I was supposed to do: I have traveled the world, I have build a house, I have translated and written more than 20 books, I have organised workshops and Conferences and I participated in many training programs, in different fiels.

The work has taken a lot of Sorina’s life. Actually, her life was work.

Her life was good and full.

And what happened?

CHANGES. Energy changed.

Dr. Sorina Soescu learned that her life was build on external pillars, that vanished when the Universe decided.

In a short time, the way her life was in the last 30 years, ended.

Endings are not easy.
And people are scared of endings.
But they are happening anyway, when Nature decide it’s time for renewal.

She was left with nothing, but a life-long experience and a willing to start again.

Dr. Sorina Soescu was terminated. 

But she, as an entity, is still alive.

What can one does when the old life ends?

Grieves for a while.
Then start again.
She did so.

She found a new name.
She discovered a new game

She found a new place to live in.

And she starts all over.

New name, New game, New frame and no blame or shame. 


Starting a new life, while finishing an old one. Learning to slow down, to enjoy life more and to be patient.

Teaching peope about endings, new beginnngs and the magic of the right moment.
Guiding people through endings, fears and struggle and helping them crossing over on the other side: self-empowerment.

As Zyanna Orinda I possess the knowledge gathered as dr. Sorina Soescu in natural medicine (herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy), nutrition, diet, detoxification, research, medical pshychology, health management, in people and groups, dealing with relationships, communication, family, beginnings and endings, crisis, challenges and changes.

I have learned a lot from my own experiences, together with my personal and professional training.

The treasure of knowledge I carry with me will be shared with all people needing guidance and healing.

Wellcome to JobJogJoy – where the Job is healing, but done as a joyful jogging run in a sunny morning.

I am Zyanna Orinda, happy to be your guide.


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